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Veena Malik's 2nd FHM/ISI Photo: Topless in Green Belt, Grenade and HQ Exclusive!

As promised in our earlier post, here is our Second EXCLUSIVE High Quality scan of Veena Malik's topless photo from FHM, with ISI tattooed on her arm! She is half naked, not entirely nude. Veena is wearing a green Pakistan Army Combat Pocket Belt with a star and jet black panty underneath. Veena is holding a hand grenade in her right hand and she's about to pull the pin out with her teeth! Watch out!

Absolutely sexbomb fantastic, Veena! You continue to rock, girl! We LOVE YOU!

We have another super sexy exclusive scan outtake of this shoot which we will be posting right here on PakistaniModels.blogspot.com so check again soon!

As always, We will be sending all our Facebook followers and Twitter followers a MORE HIGH-RES photo WITHOUT any logo or text soon, so follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter account!

veena malik fhm isi topless green belt 2nd pic

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